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Phone: 972-517-7498 x 103
Fax: 972-517-0133
E-Mail: admissions@greatlakesacademy.com
Address: 6000 Custer Road
Building 7
Plano, Texas 75023

Front Office - School Secretary
Phone: 972-517-7498 x 100
Fax: 972-517-0133
E-Mail: office@greatlakesacademy.com

Executive Director
Ms. Marjolein J. Borsten
Phone: 972-517-7498 x 101
Fax: 972-517-0133
E-Mail: admin@greatlakesacademy.com

Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Mr. Jason Campbell
Phone: 972.517.7498 x 102
Fax: 972.517.0133
E-Mail: principal@greatlakesacademy.com

Executive Business Assistant
Ms. Jenni Vest
Phone: 972.517.7498 x 110
Fax: 972.517.0133
E-Mail: vestj@greatlakesacademy.com

Director of Technology
Mr. Allen Miller
Phone: 972.517.7498 x 111
Fax: 972.517.0133
E-Mail: millera@greatlakesacademy.com

Athletic Director
Mr. Bill Barger
Phone: 972-517-7498 x 120
Fax: 972-517-0133
E-Mail: bargerb@greatlakesacademy.com

Teaching Faculty E-Mail
Allred, Jacob allredj@greatlakesacademy.com
Armstrong, Lamont armstrongl@greatlakesacademy.com
Barber, Brady barberb@greatlakesacademy.com
Barger, Bill bargerb@greatlakesacademy.com
Barger, Leslie  bargerl@greatlakesacademy.com
Burgess, Elissa burgesse@greatlakesacademy.com
Bisset, Kelsey bissetk@greatlakesacademy.com
Bradley, Brent bradleyb@greatlakesacademy.com
Bush, Patty bushp@greatlakesacademy.com
Clark, Jaqueline clarkj@greatlakesacademy.com
Ferguson, Kristi fergusonk@greatlakesacademy.com
Jackson, Joel jacksonj@greatlakesacademy.com
Knoll, Beth knollb@greatlakesacademy.com
Korrie, Michael korriem@greatlakesacademy.com
McAllister, Cindy mcallisterc@greatlakesacademy.com
Mills, Brandon millsb@greatlakesacademy.com
Stevenson, Julie stevensonj@greatlakesacademy.com
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