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Q:Is Great Lakes Academy accredited?
A: Great Lakes Academy is accredited by SACS,  Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
Q: What curriculum standard does Great Lakes Academy follow?
A: We follow the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) curriculum standards; however, we accommodate the curriculum to fit each student's individual learning styles.
Q: If a child misses fall admissions, when may they enroll?
A: Great Lakes Academy has rolling admissions, and a child may be admitted at any time during the school year.
Q: How many children are in each classroom?
A: GLA maintains no more than ten students per classroom.
Q: How many years has Great Lakes Academy been in existence?
A: The school was founded in 1996.
Q: What are Great Lakes Academy's goals for each child?
A: Our goal is to help each child work toward his or her individual potential, enjoy learning, and develop their social skills to help them better function in today's world.
Q: Do Great Lakes Academy's students take field trips?
A: Yes, we encourage the teachers to plan one field trip each month pertaining to the curriculum they are studying. For example, students would visit the Museum of Science and Natural History after studying a unit on simple machines.
We also take a few field trips each year, as a reward for practicing good social skills. For example, students may go bowling or have a picnic at a local park.
Q: Will my child be able to adjust to Great Lakes Academy, which is a smaller school, after attending a much larger school?
A: Absolutely. We find most new Great Lakes Academy students easily integrate, adjust, and make friends with the other children and faculty due to the small class sizes. Because the students quickly realize success, they soon begin to enjoy school and develop an enthusiasm for learning.
Q: Do you have a Physical Education program?
A: Yes, Great Lakes Academy has an excellent PE program which concentrates on physical fitness, as well as emphasizes learning traditional sports such as baseball, soccer, and football. The children play games such as four-square, which develops hand to eye-coordination and stresses social interaction during competitive play. Every student also participates in recess five times a week.
Q: My child often fidgets and becomes restless in a traditional classroom setting. Do the teachers require him to sit still at a desk for long periods of time?
A: NO, we realize that many of our students need to have physical activity or release to help them concentrate and focus. We allow students to stand, walk about, perch on their chair or lie on the floor while continuing their work.
Q: Do you have aftercare?
A: Yes, we have a structured aftercare program where the students have a snack, receive homework help, enjoy outside play, games, and movies.
Q: Does Great Lakes Academy have after-school activities for the students?
A: Our teachers offer a variety of activities after-school such as: art club, baseball club, drama club, model rockets club, and strategy game club.
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