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Smaller Classes

Small Class at Great Lakes AcadeyAcross the United States, class sizes are increasing at unprecedented rates. Class size matters, not only in the early grades but at all age levels. Keeping our classes small is key to our philosophy at Great Lakes Academy -- at GLA, all of our classes contain no more than ten students.

Success for the student with learning differences requires a focus on individual achievement, progress, and learning. Success for students who struggle with social skills requires a personal relationship with teachers and peers. Our class size provides the environment for both.

Our 10-or-fewer class size allows many benefits:

  • increased student engagement
  • personal connection with teachers and peers
  • individualized instruction and lessons that target the interests of students
  • one-on-one assistance of teachers
  • impactful formative assessment - teachers personalize feedback to students so that they get a better sense of how they are improving and where more work is needed
  • a feeling of safety that promotes voicing questions and opinions, as well as a greater opportunity for all students to speak
  • easier access to planned and spontaneous excursions to explore the real world
  • deeper relationships with teachers and peers
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