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Social Skills

Students being socialWhile many educators and parents understand that children with learning difficulties may struggle with academics, at Great Lakes Academy we understand that having a learning disability can also impede a student’s social skills. This is also true of children diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Processing Disorders, Executive Function Disorder, Expressive/Receptive Language Disorder, to name a few. A deficit in the area of social skills may prevent him/her from having successful relationships with peers, family members and other adults.


Developing strong social skills can increase social motivation, improve self-esteem, decrease isolation and enhance a child's capacity for a successful future.


Great Lakes Academy offers Social Skills Classes for 4th through 8th grade students and continues the emphasis on interpersonal communications and relationships throughout high school. GLA students learn to be part of a team, enjoy cooperation, and appreciate the joy and sense of belonging. At GLA, we know there is a link between academic success and social development that, when properly nurtured, can assist them in reaching their true potential. It is always the goal of GLA to reach and teach the whole child, both academically and socially.


GLA’s Social Skills Classes are designed to address social skills issues in a classroom environment through team work exercises, cooperative games and activities, and structured social skills lessons designed to help all students utilize their strengths, while improving their interpersonal relationship skills.

Students being social.


In addition to our scheduled Social Skills Classes, all of our teachers including our high school faculty and administration address social skills issues on a daily basis by modeling appropriate behavior and helping students face social situations with understanding and support. GLA encourages it’s faculty to take advantage of teachable moments to focus on specific interactions, and offer positive solutions and encouragement.


Everyone faces varying social situations on a daily basis, at home, school or work. A student with good social skills will have an easier time advocating for him/herself. Providing our students the tools to overcome their social challenges can benefit them their entire lives.


Great Lakes Academy strives to create an environment that is safe for students to explore the academic and social world with confidence. We want our students to know their ideas and opinions will be valued and their strengths and individuality will be appreciated!

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